Why DC Systems

DC Systems has been building the Smart Grid since before it was called the Smart Grid.  By listening to our customers, carefully integrating each new feature and capability into a cohesive and robust software platform, and applying creativity and expertise, we have solved many of the difficult problems that plague complex software deployments in the utility environment.  The result is a single fully integrated platform that performs key functions for managing grid and grid-connected systems.

  • DC Systems’ technology is proven, with 99.5% uptime across hundreds of implementations.
  • The company is stable and focused on building applications for a smarter grid.  Our software and team’s DNA extend back to real-time control of operational NASA satellites as well as critical grid infrastructure.
  • While adding intelligence to the grid, we use proven and reliable underlying technologies to ensure security and safety.
  • We are flexible enough to deliver what you need.  We continue to enhance and refine our platform, addressing specific customer needs.  Because our individual products are integrated into our platform, they will not be discontinued or become unsupported.
  • We play well with others.  Our software is hardware and protocol agnostic and is designed from the ground up to communicate with virtually all systems on the market.  We have built our platform to seamlessly serve other applications the data they require and to communicate it seamlessly back to the field.