Technology Overview

DC Systems’ RT Smart Grid Platform is the most comprehensive, reliable and robust software available for grid management and grid-connected systems.  We specialize in the acquisition, communication, management and utilization of real-time data from the grid. Our platform supports:

  • Distributed Intelligence – RT puts intelligence in the field to operate independently of communications networks and data centers with redundancy built in.
  • Centralized Management – at the same time, hundreds of distributed systems can be managed centrally with uniform configuration and access.
  • Any-to-any protocol conversion is built into the platform and intelligently manages low bandwidth channels, mesh networks, serial communications and IP networking.
  • Ubiquitous hardware and operating systems – The RT Smart Grid Platform is built on the Microsoft operating system and database technologies found in most utilities.
  • ‘Operator in a Box’ capabilities are built into our intelligent applications – working closely with our customers’ operations teams in the field, we have automated their procedures and sequences into expert systems.Communications with grid operators, EMS, DMS, hardware – The RT Smart Grid Platform is built from the ground up to communicate with other systems, which provides substantial benefits compared with the silos that are common in the industry.  Also, with no hardware offering or preference, DC Systems helps customers avoid the common pitfall of becoming entrapped by a single vendor that charges high fees to integrate with others systems.
  • Intelligent bandwidth and security management – often the obstacle to adding intelligence to the grid is not the intelligence but legacy communications networks and stringent security requirements.
  • Single code base and modular architecture – every instance of the RT Smart Grid software contains the same code; the application(s) selected by the customer are simply enabled and configured. Every upgrade to the core software applies to all RT applications and both development and maintenance efforts are focused on enabling DC Systems to deliver new functionality much more rapidly than others.
  • Intuitive and familiar user interfaces – operators can make split-second decisions with the right data in hand, presented in a way that makes sense.
  • On-the-fly updates – RT Smart Grid Platform is architected to receive and perform updates without rebooting, maximizing uptime.