Our Partners

DC Systems works with innovative technology partners to provide comprehensive
distribution automation and Smart Grid solutions for utilities and energy companies.
These advanced solutions enable utilities and power companies to achieve better
operational efficiencies, decrease operating costs, and provide higher levels of service
and value-add to their customers. DC Systems chooses partners that are leaders in
their respective industries and areas of expertise, enabling customers to choose
leading-edge technologies and a broad range of product solutions.

Distribution Automation Network Partners



Landis+Gyr and DC Systems have a long history of product collaboration on RF mesh solutions for numerous customers. The two companies have a licensing
agreement that allows Landis+Gyr to market DC Systems software products for controlling distribution automation (DA) systems, while further integrating those products into the Gridstream family of Smart Grid solutions. The agreement enables Landis+Gyr to leverage its strong leadership in wireless mesh technologies, AMI, and metering using the DC Systems robust DA software platform.
Many of Landis+Gyr’s customers use DC Systems products for advanced control of distribution automation systems. The Landis+Gyr SCADA Center software suite provides an integrated system for controlling field devices such as reclosers, sectionalizing switches, interrupters, and capacitor controllers. The integration of DC Systems software enables acquired data to be viewed directly by operators using SCADA Center, or served to other higher level corporate systems, such as EMS, DMS, and OMS. The combined solution optimizes bandwidth in the Landis+Gyr RF mesh network by using the intelligence built into the Landis+Gyr RF radios to analyze data changes before reports are sent.
The solution allows Landis+Gyr customers to deploy a fully integrated distribution automation and advanced metering network with a single point of contact and support. For more information, visit the Landis+Gyr web site.


Silver Spring Networks

DC Systems was the first DA software provider to join the Silver Spring Networks Technology Alliance Program. The two companies are collaborating to create an integrated interface between the DC Systems DA software and Silver Spring Networks’ IP-based communication network. The interface enables a unified Smart Grid network that supports reliable and secure DA, SCADA, advanced metering infrastructure, and other Smart Grid applications. The true promise of the Smart Grid is realized with the convergence of these complementary, but traditionally separate solutions into one secure network—delivering automation of an entire distribution system.
Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Network meets the critical requirements of a SCADA network, including security, fault tolerance, high availability, and compatibility with industry-standard protocols. The DC Systems product line is built on a distributed processing architecture combined with centralized management and administration. The DC Systems architecture fits seamlessly into the IP-based Silver Spring system, leveraging the processing power contained within the network. The individual Silver Spring network nodes provide distributed network services that are integrated into the DC Systems software. For more information, visit the Silver Spring Networks web site.

Distribution Automation Hardware Partners

DC Systems works with a wide range of equipment and device manufacturers that
provide a broad selection of DA solutions. We test and verify products for
interoperability, reliability, and product readiness. Some of the companies we partner
with include:


Beckwith Electric

Beckwith Electric’s products include tap changers, capacitor controls, and protective relays. The company designs complete, pre-packaged systems that integrate RF mesh technology as remote communications to SCADA or other control systems in various standard protocols.


Cleaveland Price

Cleaveland Price is a provider of switching solutions and innovations for electrical distribution and transmission. The company has thousands of installations throughout North America and has demonstrated its dependability across environments.


Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation designs and manufactures a wide range of power and electrical distribution products, including transformers, switches, relays, and switch gear.



GridSense provides real-time monitoring solutions for transmission and distribution lines. The company’s LineTracker series of overhead line recorders are versatile, intelligent devices that incorporate wireless technologies, enabling utilities to download information without removing the recorders from the line.