Substation Management

RT|ASP Advanced Substation Platform

Manage all of the data and HMI functions in your substation with one platform. A cost-effective solution for modern substations, RT|ASP software combines data acquisition and concentration, annunciation, alarming, communication management, and advanced distribution automation in a single, robust package.

Device connectivity

Connect all of the intelligent devices in your substation using TCP/IP or serial communication channels to easily acquire data, send control commands, share files, and more.


Display single-line diagrams, trends, and tabular data with full color graphics. View multiple windows simultaneously, create custom views and symbols, and replay historical data.

Alarming with SER

View a time-sorted display of alarms and events with millisecond accuracy using a built-in sequential events recorder (SER). Segment and display alarms by voltage, severity, type, or other criteria. Standard Windows* audio files provide audible alarm signals.


Replace costly electromechanical annunciators with a graphical display system that features multiple pages, flashing windows, and acknowledgement.

External system support

Combine data from multiple devices and serve it to one or more external systems on serial and TCP/IP communication channels.

Protocol conversion

Seamlessly mix substation and field devices from different manufacturers using multiple protocols.

Time-tagged data

Acquire time-tagged data or add time tags as needed.

Communication management

Oversee communication among devices in the substation as well as field devices located on circuits fed from the substation.

RT|ASP runs on standard, Windows*-based servers or hardened systems available from many manufacturers. It is an application of the RT Smart Grid Platform, which powers the Smart Grid—from field device to substation to control center—and integrates seamlessly with all enterprise systems.

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