For Large Energy Users

Commercial, Industrial and Institutional sites that generate energy, either as a byproduct of production or as part of a microgrid, require sophisticated systems to manage the distribution of power behind the meter as well as sales to the grid through an interconnection.  With the RT Smart Grid Platform, large energy users and producers, like Shell and Chevron, take advantage of the same systems that reliably manage the grid.

RT applications not only provide behind-the-meter controls for power distribution but also manage all microgrid resources­–cogeneration, renewables, storage and interactions with the grid–through real-time telemetry with the system operator. The RT Smart Grid Platform provides large energy users with utility-grade systems by supporting:

  • Real-time SCADA management.
  • Integrated views of substations, alarming and HMI.
  • Sophisticated controls and market-driven modes for stored energy systems.
  • Real-time telemetry with the external grid, including price signals and meter data.
  • Interface with corporate historians and other information systems.

Learn more about RT|Transmission & Distribution SCADA (RT|TDS) for control center operations, RT|Advanced Substation Platform (RT|ASP) for substation management, RT|Remote Intelligent Gateways (RT|RIG) for grid integration and RT|Stored Energy Control System (RT|DECS) for managing storage resources.

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