For System and Grid Operators

The RT Smart Grid Platform is a proven solution for real-time control and communication across a diverse range of operating environments – from a large industrial site with its own distribution system to transmission and distribution systems of a large IOU and more.  As just one example, RT Smart Grid is the standard across PG&E’s transmission and distribution control centers and substations.  And, when the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) needed an order-of-magnitude increase in real-time telemetry to manage the proliferation of grid-connected renewable generation sites, it turned to DC Systems for the solution.  Built upon proven data acquisition and communication technologies, DC Systems was able to rapidly incorporate their specific communications requirements to deliver the RT|RIG application.

Some of the ways that RT helps operators:

  • Manage all of the data and HMI functions in the substation with one platform.
  • Leverage powerful distributed client/server architecture for reliability and ease of management.
  • Easily integrate with all common hardware and front-end processors while providing data to casual users, data archives and offline analytic applications.
  • Quickly restore power after an outage with automatic reconfiguration of distribution feeders.
  • Significantly reduce generation costs with our intelligent VAR/volt control.

Learn more about RT|Transmission & Distribution SCADA (RT|TDS) for control center operations and RT|Advanced Substation Platform (RT|ASP) for substation management.

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