For Information Technology Managers

Being an ‘intelligent utility’ also causes big headaches for managers who are increasingly asked to integrate millions of new data points, big data applications, comprehensive management systems, multiple user profiles and a plethora of communications networks into a rigorously reliable and secure system. Further complicating issues, many vendor solutions are still siloed and IT teams are left with the integration headaches.

DC Systems has addressed many of the challenges posed by the proliferation of technologies and data that needs to be managed in today’s utility environment.  We enable IT teams to administer distributed assets with centralized management while providing operations teams with the features, functionality, ease of use and administration that they demand.

We help IT teams to meet a variety of challenges. Our solutions:

  • Run on standard, approved hardware and operating systems.
  • Meet NERC CIP security requirements.
  • Provide role-based security to enable access for multiple functions and ‘casual users.’
  • Manage bandwidth and protocol conversion.
  • Interoperate with all common hardware vendors and transform real-time data into corporate databases for archiving and analytics.
  • Offer full support for configuration, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Learn more about RT|Intelligent Communication Gateway (RT|ICG) for data acquisition and communication and RT|Enterprise Information System (RT|EIS) for data management.

Contact us to find out how the RT Smart Grid Platform can help you provide operators with the tools they need while making IT management simpler.