Enterprise Data Management

RT|EIS Enterprise Information System

Create an enterprise-level interface for all of your RT Smart Grid Platform systems. RT|EIS software acquires and consolidates data from underlying RT systems, and provides a framework that enables a wide variety of enterprise-related tasks. Several application modules are available to help you to customize the RT|EIS solution for your specific needs:

RT|EIS Application Modules

Corporate System Interface

The RT|CSI module provides a bi-directional data and control interface to other corporate systems (EMS, OMS, maintenance, etc.).

Centralized System Manager

Use the RT|CSM module to administer, configure, and monitor the health of all of the RT systems within your enterprise. This module also enables you to securely deploy configuration changes to remote RT systems.

Casual User Data Server

Managers, technicians, and other authorized corporate users can log onto the RT|CAS module to directly view data and gain secure access to the underlying RT systems in your enterprise.

RT|EIS  runs on standard, Windows*-based servers or hardened systems available from many manufacturers. It is an application of the RT Smart Grid Platform, which powers the Smart Grid—from field device to substation to control center—and integrates seamlessly with all enterprise systems.

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