Renewable Energy Production, Energy Storage & Microgrids

RT|DECS Distributed Energy Control System

Our Real Time Distributed Energy Control System (also known as RT|DECS) is a plug-in application that provides advanced functionality to control energy resources. Whether controlling a solar or wind farm or a highly complex microgrid, DECS is unique in its ability to control multiple types of DER’s simultaneously. The RT|DECS application provides a flexible, multi-function application for easily controlling and managing the new generation of batteries and other emerging forms of storage. Utility-scale storage has the potential to transform energy management. Batteries can help to integrate intermittent renewable energy onto the power grid, defer costly upgrades of transmission and distribution infrastructure, instantaneously change output levels and take advantage of gaps between peak and off-peak energy prices by storing energy when prices are low and releasing it when prices are high.

Harness the Power of a Virtual Power Plant

The core component of the RT|DECS configuration is the Plant. One or more plants can be created within the application. Plants are run concurrently and independently of each other. Each plant represents either a physical location, such as a DER site, or an aggregation of multiple DERs at one or more physical locations (a virtual power plant, or VPP). Within each Plant, one or more Control Sets are created. Each control set can contain multiple control modes, in a prioritized list, as well as an equipment list. An equipment list contains a list of individual DERs (equipment) which represent all or part of the DERs in the Plant.

RT|DECS has control modes for Renewable Energy Production, Storage and Microgrids and each VPP can easily be configured to run in a multiple of 40 automated control modes, including:

  • Schedule mode – allows the VPP to produce or consume power on a time-based schedule that is divided into intervals.
  • Smoothing and Load Shifting mode – enables the VPP to produce or consume power based on both a time-based schedule (a “profile”) and the value of an external real-time signal. This mode is typically used for renewable energy smoothing.
  • Market operation modes – supports market operation, a set of modes that operate the VPP within the confines of the ISO Real-Time Market.
  • Manual automatic generation control (ACG) Mode – enables ACG for the VPP to be enabled or disabled from an ACG control file. In ACG mode, the VPP also provides high and low operating limits that are sent to the ISO via the RT|RIG™ system.
  • Automatic dispatch mode – the VPP receives parameters from the ISO ADS system. These parameters are sent electronically to the utility and made available to the VPP.

RT|DECS runs on standard, Windows*-based servers or hardened systems available from many manufacturers. It is an application of the RT Smart Energy Suite which powers the Smart Grid—from field device to substation to control center—and integrates seamlessly with all enterprise systems.

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