For Energy Producers

When the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) needed an order-of-magnitude increase in real-time telemetry to manage the proliferation of grid-connected renewable generation sites, they turned to DC Systems for the solution.  Built upon proven data acquisition and communication technologies, DC Systems was able to rapidly incorporate their specific communications requirements to deliver the RT|Remote Intelligent Gateway (RT|RIG) application.

For generators and the firms providing construction and engineering services to them, DC Systems makes the cumbersome testing and certification process as streamlined as possible.  Once online, the RT|RIG  hardware and software solution works as reliably as the same systems that keep the lights on throughout Central and Northern California.  Flexible and reasonable service packages ensure that maintenance and recertification are performed on time with minimum demands of site personnel.


To incorporate storage systems that are more flexible and operate as both supply and demand-side resources, DC Systems built an additional layer of intelligence.  RT|DECS enables grid operators and asset owners to realize the greatest possible value from these resources by dividing them into multiple Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), enabling dispatch and AGC by grid operators and automating control to reduce operator costs.  Built-in intelligence helps generators to get the most of combined storage and renewable assets with capabilities such as the PV smoothing mode.

Learn more about Stored Energy Control System (RT|DECS) for energy storage and Remote Intelligent Gateway (RT|RIG) for power generation.

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