Data Acquisition and Communication

RT|ICG Intelligent Communication Gateway

Monitor, acquire, and concentrate data from multiple field and substation devices, and serve it to external systems. RT|ICG software offers protocol conversion and intelligent management of communication bandwidth, maximizing throughput for real-time SCADA control.

Data concentration

Acquire data from multiple devices and concentrate it into one or more slave devices.

Protocol conversion

Seamlessly mix field devices from different manufacturers using multiple protocols.

External system support

Combine data into slave devices to serve it to external systems on multiple communication channels.

Intelligent communication management

Maximize throughput with intelligent management of serial and TCP/IP communication channels.

Gridstream* integration

Increase data throughput with the computing power of the Gridstream* RF (Utilinet*) network.

Time-tagged data

Acquire time-tagged data or add time tags as needed.


Interconnect multiple RT|ICG units to create a secure data acquisition and transportation platform that is fully NERC CIP-compliant.

Remote management

Configure, administer, and monitor one or more RT|ICG units from a central location.

RT|ICG runs on standard, Windows*-based servers or hardened systems available from many manufacturers. It is an application of the RT Smart Grid Platform, which powers the Smart Grid—from field device to substation to control center—and integrates seamlessly with all enterprise systems.

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