Control Center Operations

RT|Transmission/Distribution SCADA (RT|TDS)

Support multiple front-end processors (FEPs), servers, and operator workstations in your control center with our highly scalable system. Our distributed client/server SCADA solution includes a powerful historian, voice synthesis, areas of responsibility, and other advanced functions that streamline control center management.

Distributed client/server architecture

Core programs are located on one or more servers, while users access the system from multiple remote or local workstations. Because of its distributed architecture, the platform can be easily scaled as system requirements grow.

Multiple communication FEPs

The system supports multiple communication FEPs located in a control center or other site. Support for both serial and TCP/IP communication channels is provided.

Multiple operators

Operators can work on multiple workstations simultaneously, with full support for areas of responsibility.

Redundant server cluster

RT|TDS software can be run on two servers simultaneously to provide continuous system availability and protection from hardware failures.

Advanced historian

A historical data subsystem records real-time data, including millisecond time tags. Users can create graphs of historical data, review it via a flexible playback system, or export it to spreadsheets.

Voice synthesis

Operators hear voice confirmation of system commands, resulting in fewer operator errors.

High-level security

Authentication and authorization features assure that only those users permitted by the system administrator may access the system. Encryption prevents interception of logon and authorization codes, and time encoding prevents unauthorized replay of network data.

Advanced functions

Additional functions include automatic alarm inhibit, customizable alarm sounds, and an integrated display editor.

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