Our Services


The company’s software solutions are supported by implementation support tools and processes that have been honed over two decades to ensure smooth deployments for customers. Our Project Architects, Engineers and Managers work closely with customers to efficiently collect relevant information, configure their RT applications, integrate with hardware, software and communications systems and test the end-to-end solution.

For SCADA deployments, customers are provided with templates that are easy to use for creating points lists and specifying configurations, which are then automatically processed by RT configuration tools. After creating the necessary databases and views, we are at the factory and onsite with EPCs and utility electrical technicians to efficiently deploy and address issues that arise.

For RIG deployments at generation sites, our team manages the process, including CAISO coordination, meter testing and verification and end-to-end testing. Engineering firms and owners appreciate the value of a partner that has the processes and tools to efficiently manage a complex and time-consuming component of their project.


The RT Smart Grid Platform is highly modularized and, therefore, highly customizable. Many of the product enhancements to RT have been driven by customer request but and the platform’s modularity makes it highly customizable. New customer requests are evaluated and incorporated as features if they provide an enhancement for all users. Features that are useful to some but not all customers are included as configuration options to provide flexibility while preserving product consistency.


DC Systems’ team is recognized for the thorough and engaging training that they provide to customers and partners. With hands-on demonstrations and practice, we make sure that users can configure and use our software effectively. Our customers appreciate that continued support is available to make them successful.

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