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Ivanpah goes online: World’s largest solar thermal plant connects to grid through DC Systems RIG

The world’s largest solar thermal plant went online today and is connected to the grid by a DC Systems RT|Remote Intelligent Gateway (RT|RIG). Located in the Mojave Desert, the 392 MW Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System reflects sunlight to heat water in boilers atop 459-foot towers, creating steam to drive turbines and generate electricity. Located near the border of California and Nevada, Ivanpah feeds power to Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison and is owned by NRG Energy, BrightSource Energy, and Google. (more…)

Renewable Integration – Reducing Cost and Complexity

A recent article in California Energy Markets (1260) – CPUC Looks for Ways to Limit Green Power Costs – discusses the inevitable haggling over ensuring that renewable energy procured to fulfill RPS requirements is as cost effective as possible and what limits might be placed on procurement if the price impacts reach some threshold. At the same time, utilities and grid operators are already grappling with the economic challenge of helping smaller generators participate economically and with the operational challenges of system management with orders of magnitude more resources and the associated complexity of renewable generation compared to traditional fossil-fuel resources.