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Hitting the Road for San Antonio

The glossies are printed. The booth is packed. Invitations are sent. Reservations made.
Now it comes down to what the show is about – an opportunity to meet and learn and share ideas. Our industry is turning a corner, from learning how to do a lot of really smart things to figuring out how to do them at scale, across our entire grid, as cost effectively as possible. We are excited to be part of it and contribute our piece of the puzzle. Please check out the exciting things we have in store.

See you in San Antonio!

Smart Grid News – What can we really expect from distribution automation?

Guest authored, along with other industry professionals, in

David Meyers, VP of sales for DC Systems, has this to say: ‚ÄúDistributed intelligence at the grid edge may or may not need to piggyback on AMI networks presents the most exciting opportunities for making the grid smarter. Automated Sectionalizing and Restoration (ASR), implemented at the substation level, using existing data and control points, is one example, Var/Volt control is another. Similarly, rather than pushing petabytes of data over these networks, distributed intelligence applications can mine real-time data in the field and pass back key information to control rooms.”

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Energy Storage in California – What’s Different This Time?

We had the opportunity to sponsor lunch at the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) Market Development Forum yesterday and out of (many) conferences that I attend, this was one of the more exciting. Why?

Stored energy is nascent as a resource of any importance…like, say, DR ten years ago or solar five years ago…so it would not be surprising if the players–regulators, utilities, technology vendors, financiers–were fumbling in the dark to figure out how to make it all work. Especially considering that we are adding a third leg to what has been a two-sided equation (supply and demand) for a century, some tentativeness would not be unexpected. (more…)

RT 6.0

Today we announced the release of RT 6.0, the latest version of our Real-Time Smart Grid Platform. This is exciting for all of the usual reasons that a major software release is exciting–new features, excited customers, growth opportunities for us–but there is a another reason that we are excited. More than any previous version and more than any product that we are aware of, RT 6.0 will help the people we work with most closely in customer organizations–SCADA specialists, system operators and administrators–to do their jobs better and more easily. Great customers teach their vendors and work with them to build the products that they need – we are fortunate to have a bunch of them. We look forward to seeing some at DistribuTECH while many others will be keeping the lights on.